Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

We value our patients’ experience at BROWN RICHLAND CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS. you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Success Story Survey. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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I had chronic severe low back pain and intermittent cervical pain due to a whiplash. My car was rear ended in an auto accident. My chronic low back pain began 30+ years ago and the neck pain 35+ years ago. Basically these problems have necessitated my avoiding heavy lifting or overly stressing activity. I have had outstanding relief of pain from my chiropractic treatment and able to avoid back surgery. No members of my immediate family is under chiropractic treatment. However, my 92 y/o brother-in-law is now under regular chiropractic care and has been for 15 years. I am very thankful for my very effective chiropractic treatment. My great relief from back and neck pain through effective spinal adjustments at Brown Chiropractic has been a major blessing. Dr. Chad Brown and his staff are very caring, competent, and professional. Thankfully I have had monthly maintenance treatments for a number of years except for occasional pain and spinal misalignment due to overly strenuous activity. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Brown Chiropractic as a first resort for chronic or episodic back pain.

Paul Jacobs

I started with low back pain, along with pain in hip and left leg; which was related to a fall from years before; which came on gradually. I was having difficulty walking and sitting for long periods of time. The vertebrae in the lower back was closed; and I was in a lot of pain; and taking pills for the symptoms. Which did not get to the root of my problem.

The choices you make for your family today will determine the outcome of their future. Healthy families equal healthy families. The little bit you spend now will reap a harvest of good health and lower health care cost in the future.

To be honest I had doubts about chiropractors. Dr. Brown sat down and took the time to explain everything and what it would take to make it better. After a few visits I was hooked. He and his staff are great–I’m not just a patient!

I have been coming to Brown Chiropractic for about 10yrs. I believe coming once a month has kept me from having a lot of the problems you can get from sitting at a computer all day.

Donna Faye Brewer

Rock hard muscles in the neck, shoulders, and lower back

Age, complicated with Fibromyalgia (daily pain). Rock hard muscles in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Started out very limited in the way of “How long will it take me to complete a task?” As far as relationships, no family or friends involvement. They just didn’t come around even though they knew. One friend would help, from time to time. “That’s life!” as one family member would say. Or most friends denied the diagnosis and knew better of how/what I should do. Basically, I was on my own. I found a GP who knew about Fibromyalgia and was glad to treat me for it. Also, found a chiropractor who made x-rays and found I had 3rd and 4th disc protrusion, 5th and 6th disc protrusion, and degenerative disc disease in my lower back (which comes with age). Surgery on the discs, yes one day. But I didn’t have the time or money. So my chiropractor suggested a treatment plan to see how long it can be postpone. I started listening to my GP and chiropractor and did what they told me. They listened. They help me to understand what’s going on and it gave me confidence to look ahead. You don’t find many care givers like them. If it weren’t for my “3 musketeers” I would be in a fetal position now due to the chronic pain.

At first I wasn’t too sure about a chiropractor because of visions of contraptions he might use (dark ages) and other people’s horror stories. But on a pain scale of 1-10, you’re an 11+; you would be willing to try anything. One thing I remembered, Charlene saying, “You keep coming and one day you notice a difference.” I clung to that hope! Sure enough, one day I notice some improvement and it just kept getting better over time. Another thing that goes unnoticed that’s taken for granted is not having the stress of dealing with the insurance company. Great job Polly! You go girl!

I don’t have any family under chiropractor service.

What I’ve learned through this, you need to have a good support system with your medical care that you put your trust in and my Faith in God. When I thought I’ve truly “hit rock bottom or how must further can I go,” I could feel His arms of comfort always around me during those moments, I’d cry, then I kept going forward. Today, I’m still listening to my “3 musketeers” and managing my daily activities. I take one day at a time. It’s soooo G-R-E-A-T to accomplish tasks (in my time frame) P-a-r-t-6! Oh, by the way the pain level for most days, around 0-3.

Dixie Tanner

Low Back Problem – Osteoarthritis

As I have aged, I have found that regular chiropractic care has been the thing that helps – especially after a fall – haven’t had too many but a few.

I had a water ski accident years ago and was told I would be on heavy pain meds – my dad used a chiropractor when we were growing up so I decided to give it a try – All these years I have not been on pain meds – This has been a blessing

Carol Stockett

I started treatment with Dr. Brown in 2012 for various spinal issues. Through his expertise and treatments, I have been able to avoid surgery and unnecessary medications. In addition, Dr Brown thoroughly explains my condition(s) and offers practical advise for long-term maintenance and improvements where most provider just want to push meds and costly procedures. Dr. Brown takes the time to listen and provide cost effective treatment options.

J. Coney

I began my chiropractic care with Dr. Brown and his staff on Monday, November 13/ 2017 after a 10 day stretch of lower back pain and stiffness. As I got ready for work on Monday morning, I found myself crippled with muscle spasms in my lower back and hip area; that caused my knees to buckle. I immediately began looking for a Chiropractor that could see me as early as possible. I had a previous history of chiropractic care so I knew where I did NOT want to go.

My son-in-law recommended I go see his chiropractor, Dr. Chad Brown.

Dr. Brown and his staff have been great!

After x-rays and a thorough evaluation, , he talked to me about my back issues and how best to treat me. We began treatment that same day.

Dr. Brown had me back on my feet and feeling great in just a few days, however, I foolishly took a road trip way to soon and found myself in pain again and afraid to move. Having had surgery for a ruptured disc years ago, I was afraid that I had ruptured again. Dr. Brown immediately took steps to have my fears either confirmed or relieved. He ordered an MRI at my request and set me up with a neurologist. My Neurologist confirmed that there was no ruptured disc and recommended I continue with the chiropractic care. Dr. Brown listened to my fears and concerns about my pain and acted in MY best interest even when it meant referring me to another doctor, (who sent me back to Dr. Brown).

I am back on my feet and feeling GREAT thanks to the quality care I am receiving from Dr.Brown and his friendly, professional staff. I always look forward to seeing Honey, Polly, McKenzie, and of course Dr. Chad. It almost feels like I’m visiting family when I come in. They all genuinely care about their patients and it shows.

I will continue to maintain the health of my back/neck with Dr. Brown and his staff for years to come.

Brenda Stokes

Best Chiropractor ever, and even better person and a great staff.

Scott D